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  • webERP Modifications

    Added by over 3 years ago in Development.

    We need several modifications made to webERP. The modifications include reducing the number of pages a sales person needs to step through in order to place an order. We want the modifications to match the same functionality of the original pages.


  • Wordpress implementation

    Added by almost 4 years ago in Implementation.

    We are planning to Wordpress to host our User Guide and FAQ pages and we require to change the look and feel to our design. The design and HTML is hosted here: http://ec2-50-16-132-170.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8000/support.html Other than the style and layout changes, we require the following: * Usage of an IFRAME for the header (because it shows a dynamic header with some notification...


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  • Case Study – Wordpress Cookie Tool Plugin

    Posted 2014/05/12

    In 2011, the EU modified its Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications, establishing strict rules on how to use cookies in websites. “This site uses cookies…” warnings started appearing everywhere, from fear of the elevated fines that could punish the infringing sites.

    Though showing a warning and implying consent is enough in most EU countries, Spanish application of the directive is more restrictive: it states that the user must explicitly consent before any cookie is installed in his/her system.

    Note: Fines for implied consent are not established in the Spanish law, even though it says it’s wrong, so some people claim that it’s ok to do it because you can’t be fined.

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  • Case Study – BikePlus Online Catalogue

    Posted 2014/04/28

    About the client

    Bikeplus is a bike shop with an emphasis on the cycling lifestyle. They not only sell and fix bicycles, the also partake in competitive cycling events.

    About the task

    One of the main tasks we as developers were asked to do, was to create an online catalog where BikePlus can showcase its bikes and related products. The catalog will provide additional information about a specific product and also encourage additional sales through the online ordering system.

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  • Open-Source and Proprietary Applications Now in Equal Footing for UK Government

    Posted 2013/07/16

    Since the issuance of the “Government Design Manual” back in March 14, the UK government, along with its instrumentalities, have expressed preference over open source applications for use of the government. This initiative is the first one coming from a national government, and has indeed created an impression as about the reliability and credibility of open source applications to provide for solutions that are fit for large-scale implementation such as that of the government networks and systems.

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